Holy Batman Fixer-Uppers (Individual / Bundled Options)

$35.00 - $55.00
  • Holy Batman Fixer-Uppers (Individual / Bundled Options)

These are fixer-uppers in poor cosmetic condition. Please save them!! They're $35 each, or you can take the whole lot of poor, unfortunate souls for only $55.

Additional photos here: https://posh.mk/FyMhS8Ptklb

Large Bone Lola (#1): Has many signs of wear and the interior smells terrible. I bought it for a dye project but never got around to it.

Medium Onyx Andra (#2): Significant hardware erosion, and I tried to repaint the emblem on the front and made it look so much worse 🤦🏼‍♀️ This bag is better structurally than #3. Crossbody strap is broken.

Medium Onyx Andra (#3): Missing crossbody strap, has wear throughout

Note: If the bundled option and an individual option sell out at the same time, priority will be given to whoever purchased the bundled option. I hope this doesn't happen, but this is just a heads up in case it does!